Albionish Imperial Government

The government of the Empire of Albion-Merité is a limited parliamentary monarchy, with
the primary executive power vested in a dual monarch.  The imperial head of state acts as the head of state for both of the peoples that make up the empire.  He is, at once, the king of the Meritéans, the emperor of the Albionish, and the emperor of Albion-Merité.  The monarch executes his duties to the state with the assistance of an Imperial Court.  The Imperial Court is composed of the head of each of the government's many ministries.  The ministries currently operating under Emperor Maximilian II's reign are listed below, along with the name and photograph of the head of each ministry, and a brief description of the ministry's duties.

Imperial Ministries under Emperor Maximilian II

Ministry Head
Foreign Ministry

Foreign Minister Lord Mercutio Aehrenthal
responsible for the maintanence of diplomatic relations with foreign states and international organizations; oversees execution of imperial foreign policy
Ministry of Albionish Affairs

Albionish Minister 
Ministry of Meritéan Affairs
[photo unavailable]
Ministry of War
[photo unavailable]
Minister Lord Gustav Reefa
Ministry of Justice

Minister Baron Karl von Steinberg
responsible for the smooth execution of the judicial arm of the imperial government; operates the empire's courts; oversees operation of the empire's police forces
Ministry of Sports
[photo unavailable]
Sports Minister Eva Marrick
Finance Ministry
[photo unavailable]