Ministry of Sports

The Albionish and Meritéan peoples have always been lovers of sports, and that love of activity and competition has spilled over following the union of the two societies into the Empire of Albion-Merité.  In late November of 299AP (1588 Alb. Cal.), His Majesty Emperor Maximillian II ordered the creation of the Ministry of Sports to oversee the organization, playing, and viewing of the empire's professional and national sports.  Included in the list of sports currently regulated by the Ministry of Sports are soccer, golf, Formula 1 racing, stock car racing, tennis, and rugby.  Citizens of the empire are allowed to participate in any of the many professional domestic sports leagues, or can participate in recognized international leagues or tournaments.

SoccerSoccer - Albionish writing

Soccer, known by several names around the world, has been an integral part of both Albionish and Meritéan society since the early days of their histories.  While the two styles of soccer are similar in most respects, outsiders have observed that the Meritéans seem to play a calmer, more rational game, following international convention.  Albionish soccer, however, has more of a rough and tumble, devil-may-care feel to it, illustrating the several decades that Albionish soccer was exposed to the hard-hitting, fast-paced Zartanian-style soccer, or trilats.  The empire's national soccer team was formed in early December of 299 at the order of Sports Minister Eva Marrick, and dubbed the Albion-Merité Imperial Eagles.  In order to provide the best possible players for the Imperial Eagles, the Albionish Domestic League was formed in January of 300 as the empire's first professional domestic sports league.  Currently, all ten teams of the ADL are located in the Albionish portion of the empire, and are open to Albionish citizens only.

GolfGolf - Albionish writing

The sport of golf in the empire is primarily a Meritéan sport, having been popular among the aristocracy and upper middle class during the time of the kingdom.  With the union of Albion and Merité, however, the sport has begun to slowly infiltrate its way into the Albionish population, and is beginning to collect a following.  Meritéans still dominate the sport, however.  At this time there is no professional domestic league for the sport of golf, but several Albionish and Meritéan golfers play on the International Golf Tour, or IGT.  The agency charged with regulating golf, and IGT players, in Merité is the Meritéan Golf Commission (MGC), while its counterpart in Albion is the Albionish Golf Directory (AGD).  The players on the IGT and their relevant statistics are listed below:

       NAME:  Tim Bromaghim 
                    Winnings:  9,708 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  11th, 4 under par (300 Air Christa Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  249th of 287

        NAME:  Asa Harrison 
                    Winnings:  242,529 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  4th, 16 under par (300 Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  58th of 287

        NAME:  David Havrillak 
                    Winnings:  74,120 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  6th, 8 under par (300 Taki Shipping Rosardan Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  160th of 287

        NAME:  Reynold Jarvie 
                    Winnings:  227,003 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  3rd, 12 under par (300 Air Christa Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  63rd of 287

        NAME:  Dieter Predicor 
                    Winnings:  52,763 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  9th, 3 under par (300 AeroWest Westrian Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  175th of 287

        NAME:  Lonny Strevel (formerly Jimmy Fincham
                    Winnings:  168,943 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  6th, 9 under par (300 Air Christa Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  96th of 287

        NAME:  Leonard Vassallirro 
                    Winnings:  60,819 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  9th, 4 under par (300 Arthorus Classic)
                    Current IGT Rank:  170th of 287

        NAME:  Heinrich von Trasnau 
                    Winnings:  100,618 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  9th, 3 under par (300 Vexaco Deucoland Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  131st of 287

        NAME:  Dustin Yurhaus (formerly John Dormer
                    Winnings:  531,491 Chr. Crowns
                    Best Finish:  4th, 16 under par (300 Id'S-Oylof Feniz Open)
                    Current IGT Rank:  31st of 287

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